Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2k erg: the details, details

Well it seems that someone transferred the data from the erg into an excel spreadsheet... I fear a graph might follow soon!?!?!

The breakdown was...

Split times:-
0-500 : 01:39.2
500-1000 : 01:44.2
1000-1500 : 01:45.8
1500-2000 : 01:46.0
Average 500 Split : 01:43.8

Time at set markers:-
01:39.2 500m
03:23.4 1000m
05:09.2 1500m
06:55.2 2000m

Two quotes from my wife about my effort...
"I reckon, you need to reign in your first 500m, and then keep your next 500m splits steady"
"Maybe you take a little too much out of yourself in the first 500m...?"
Pretty accurate comments I'd say ;o)

Monday, March 26, 2007

New PB - 2k erg

Well that was an improvement - I have tonight set a new personal benchmark of 6min 55.1secs for the 2000m ergometer test. I was only partly happy, I'd set myself a higher target, but then I suppose it was that ambition that helped get me below the 7min barrier for the first time.

The winter has it seems been very useful, but as a first erg of the new year I hope to take the PB a fair bit further yet ;o)

Monday, March 12, 2007


These and other great post titles can be yours with the "on the move" blog :oP

Spent yesterday afternoon on our allotment, strimming tidying and marking out planned veg beds... nice day for putting up an old sun shade you find in the back of your patch - it looked like a storm victim but it worked and was a nice bright colour - our greyhound was loving crashing out near it but was enjoying the spring sun too much to actually lie under it! We had a few allotment visitors each with a tale or two, or indeed three, oh okay four!! Time well spent, though much digging is promised next time... I shall call that adapted weight training!?!

On the training front, rowed a mixed eight in the morning, I had a side of the boat change that did for my tired body, thus while it was a good row I hurt a fair bit during and after. More hard training ahead, including a devised training plan... given the man with the plan is a former decathlete I am a little scared - though probably in a good way - I think?

Overcast, mild, breezy - days getting longer, yippee!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday double row session fun

Today we did two back to back bursts on the Bay, doing race pieces against other crews in other boat formats... I have to confess that through the hard work I could feel the confidence returning after a winter of musical seats it was really very nice to have two sessions back to back on the same boat in the same seat in the same crew. I know that I'll have to work very hard to keep that seat, and that further changes and combinations are inevitable but today did my spirits the power of good.

On other fronts, the days are getting longer, and tomorrow is our first full day 'playing' on our allotment... been looking forward to it for days. We have a plan and loads of lovely seeds to try out ;o) We have a ground anchor for the dog to come and enjoy the fun. Will no doubt blog all about it soon enough, hehe!!!

Sunny, moderate wind, cool but a calmer than many of late.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday, oh Friday!!

Crickey oh Reilly its Friday again... last week was a mixed up all-sorts bag of a week. Racing in the Taff Head with various success, training to destruction on Sunday, cross-country trains on Monday, Granddad's funeral on Tuesday, getting back to normal Wednesday with meetings a-go-go and trip to the new building (work not home), work / riding bike / training Thursday and a mixed bag on Friday... bonkers!!

As diaries go this one has gone a bit random, but there we are... still moving (in many directions)!?!

Clear, windy, mild, spells of warm sunshine.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Blimey, it's Friday

Blimey, it's Friday, that was quick, who stole my week. Plenty of training this week, 20-20-20, circuit class, ergo / technique training and water work... and then work was pretty busy too (training courses, reading, planning, meetings, lab safety, the works)... and I have a funeral to go to next week for my grand-father... have a feeling next week may also be a crazy one!?!?!

Might even get to the lovely new allotment this weekend if we're lucky... aside from the Cardiff Head of the River Taff tomorrow, where I compete in two divisions, in two different boat classes, on two different sides of the boat!?!?

Call me Mister Utility, anybody??? Ah, no call me Mister on the Move ;o)

Overcast, showers.