Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday double row session fun

Today we did two back to back bursts on the Bay, doing race pieces against other crews in other boat formats... I have to confess that through the hard work I could feel the confidence returning after a winter of musical seats it was really very nice to have two sessions back to back on the same boat in the same seat in the same crew. I know that I'll have to work very hard to keep that seat, and that further changes and combinations are inevitable but today did my spirits the power of good.

On other fronts, the days are getting longer, and tomorrow is our first full day 'playing' on our allotment... been looking forward to it for days. We have a plan and loads of lovely seeds to try out ;o) We have a ground anchor for the dog to come and enjoy the fun. Will no doubt blog all about it soon enough, hehe!!!

Sunny, moderate wind, cool but a calmer than many of late.

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