Monday, March 12, 2007


These and other great post titles can be yours with the "on the move" blog :oP

Spent yesterday afternoon on our allotment, strimming tidying and marking out planned veg beds... nice day for putting up an old sun shade you find in the back of your patch - it looked like a storm victim but it worked and was a nice bright colour - our greyhound was loving crashing out near it but was enjoying the spring sun too much to actually lie under it! We had a few allotment visitors each with a tale or two, or indeed three, oh okay four!! Time well spent, though much digging is promised next time... I shall call that adapted weight training!?!

On the training front, rowed a mixed eight in the morning, I had a side of the boat change that did for my tired body, thus while it was a good row I hurt a fair bit during and after. More hard training ahead, including a devised training plan... given the man with the plan is a former decathlete I am a little scared - though probably in a good way - I think?

Overcast, mild, breezy - days getting longer, yippee!

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