Monday, May 28, 2007

Update, update, down weight

Update of my weight chart...

One of those occasions when I update the chart [to which there is a permenant link on the right side of this blog, in the link list!]. I thought it was about time, especially in light of the recent (albeit, slightly due to adversity) weight change.

The news is that the summer / winter bounce looks to be shaping up nicely for 2007.... oh, if I could break that trend and keep the numbers good through Christmas and into next year. Just have to wait and see what Santa brings on that one!?!

Feeling under the weather

Over the last week to ten days I've been suffering from an unknown stomach bug and then a moderate fever... all of which left me feeling a bit pathetic and weak. I had to drop out of rowing training or any training for a week, and miss a whole regatta weekend. I would like to report that I missed the training, but given the hap-hazard training and lack of a complete crew of late I actually ended up enjoying the break.

Of late I have been feeling that I have done too much behind the scenes stuff rather than dedicated training. I am trying to re-balance things so that I get the enjoyment of the actual sport back.

A by-product of being ill with a stomach bug has been a weak appetite so even without training my weight has dropped somewhat... I am once again below 15st, although I have no idea for how long that will last once my appetite returns.

Scattered showers, strong gusting winds, generally mild.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Evesham regatta

Well one regatta down. We made the semi-finals on day one (the Saturday), only to crash out of two events on day two. The crashing literal, as we hit a bunch of swans and got a re-row only to lose. I can only put the Sunday losses down to the penchant my colleagues have for getting trolley'ed on the middle night of a regatta weekend, but then I suppose we'll never know now.

It wasn't an awful start to the season, but I did kinda hope for a little more. Having my the migration to the bow seat and now seemingly attached to one side I only hope the year will go from strength to strength from here ;o)