Monday, May 28, 2007

Feeling under the weather

Over the last week to ten days I've been suffering from an unknown stomach bug and then a moderate fever... all of which left me feeling a bit pathetic and weak. I had to drop out of rowing training or any training for a week, and miss a whole regatta weekend. I would like to report that I missed the training, but given the hap-hazard training and lack of a complete crew of late I actually ended up enjoying the break.

Of late I have been feeling that I have done too much behind the scenes stuff rather than dedicated training. I am trying to re-balance things so that I get the enjoyment of the actual sport back.

A by-product of being ill with a stomach bug has been a weak appetite so even without training my weight has dropped somewhat... I am once again below 15st, although I have no idea for how long that will last once my appetite returns.

Scattered showers, strong gusting winds, generally mild.

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