Thursday, June 07, 2007

Back to training...

After the forced break from all things rowing and training brought on by being flaming ill and so weak. I managed two ergo sessions this week and tonight a 30 min run. It's feeling okay, though I can tell the stamina isn't quite there - as expected I suppose.

On my second erg session I hit upon doing a benchmark 2k test to see where I was fitness wise... the result was 7m 17.4s
7:17.4 Aver. 1:49.3 Aver. 27spm
500m 1:49.3 27spm
1000m 1:48.7 27spm
1500m 1:50.2 26spm
2000m 1:49.3 30spm

Given recent weeks I was pretty pleased, I did manage some consistency (apart from a wobbly last 500m) and didn't fall off the machine at the end so wasn't truly killing myself (probably a symptom of erg'ing alone).

Also, been cycling to work every day this week which has been fantastic to get back to.

Warm, settled weather, no rain in days - watering plants regularly.