Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blog spring clean - late but hey!!

Just finished a blog clean up... which basically consisted of changing to the new blogger template system and reinstalling all my favourite bits and links (weather forecasts, etc.). Hope anyone whoever finds this blog likes it.

PS. will get around to improving the quality of my title image soon, honest.

Weekend catch up - a busy week

This week has been a busy one, I trained hard last weekend, got out on the river in the week, did a long run with some weights at the end, and even rode my bike to and from work all week. Something of a turn around over recent weeks. It feels good to have been so 'on the move' again.

This morning was kind of a rest, I walked the dog along the river and took some pictures of my wife sculling (as a sort of training tool, if she wants them). The dog though is now absolutely battered. For me more training tomorrow, and then the build through the week to the Oxford City Royal Regatta.