Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Buzz, blades, bell peppers and builders

Buzz, blades, bell peppers and builders...

Buzz - the joy of having done some sport or exercise. I missed a session last night and was very grumpy just because I didn't get the endorphin buzz that I was anticipating. Sport is an addiction, and the best kind of addiction I know!

Blades - talking of sports buzzes my wife has purchased her own sculling blades (oars), to ensure she gets the most out of her sporting endeavours... hmm, now where can I buy a crew?!? hehe It is pretty amusing coming home to find a pair of oars propped up in your dinning room it has to be said, I can only wonder what the neighbours make of blades wandering in and out of the house several times a week!?! (a storage spot is still being sought out at the club!).

Bell peppers - we prepared a feast of chilli (I think that's the correct term) from peppers grown on our jungle'esque window sills. I cooked up 8 portions in the largest pot we have, I am not sure the flavour is quite the same scaling up so far, but we haven't tasted it yet so we'll see.

Builders - the process of packing has to be completed by Monday when the work will now commence after a meeting decided it yesterday, yippee!
Overcast, less breezy, still cooler than of late.
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