Friday, September 21, 2007

Question of Club roles

I have been doing many other things than just rowing at the club this last year, and I constantly ponder and wonder about how much I am doing. The problem being that I love a distraction and if something captures my interest, as rowing does, then I am all to quick to throw all my attention at it.

The last year I have been trying to look after all things racing events away from home river competitions, we've been pretty successful at re-organisation and putting in place clear obvious systems. Its taken chunks of time but the inner control freak / OCD / perfectionist in me has enjoyed it.

This year I received large nudges to become the novices vice captain... flaming tempting, but for some truths I couldn't escape just at the moment...

Primarily, I have a huge year ahead with work, I am on the verge of a contract renewal and as an ever aging scientist my shelf-life is incredibly uncertain. My current line manager is off having a family, and so I am seemingly in the lap of the Gods regarding re-employment issues. Essentially I need to be careful with managing my time, and my current commitments are known quantities in planning my efforts.

Secondly, I don't feel I have the experience to pull it off as well as the previous incumbent of the role. I don't have the club wide contact network that helps to lessen the work, and I would want to have more coaching experience before trying my hand at such a challenge.

I am enjoying my current involvement with the racing entries, I would like to give that at least another year to follow through on our efforts of this year. Thus, I've sort of postponed any change of role to next year.

It would appear a bit cheeky saying "oh no, next year" but it makes sense right here and now. One way or another my career issues should be clearer by May next year, so I would likely be happier to engage with such a task/s after that point.

I am committed to continuing to help the Novice rowing group, through coaching (coxing, etc.), involvement in L2R, admin, and so forth.

Sometimes its hard to decide if I really should push forward on the water for myself or whether I'd derive more pleasure from helping others enjoy the water... I will continue to wrestle with this so some time I feel.

Today - weather overcast but mild, slightly showery.

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