Thursday, September 27, 2007

E-mail eh?

It has taken me all this time to find that I can e-mail an 'article' / entry to my blog. So now in the window of a work (or other) e-mail account and no one can be sure if I am corresponding with a contact or my blog! I kinda like the degree of subversion involved, brings out my inner pulp fictional spy.

I had a look through the 'Andy on the move' blog archives yesterday, I was chuffed at some bits, I cringed at other bits, but generally I was impressed with the most coherent diary of any form that I have ever kept. I was the kinda kid who got a new pocket diary every Christmas from relatives, got all excited about the newness of it, filled in the contact pages in the front and then made 2-3 random entries for the first week in January before giving up entirely. I did find a few of those diaries about a year ago and laughed aloud at the consistency of my behaviour. The one year that I did in fact write anything more was to chart the mis-adventures of an infatuation with a school friend... there was a goodly helping of cringe in that diary keeping attempt I can tell you!!

I spent a portion of my mornings e-mail catch-up pinging mails to the club, and then this afternoon received some glowing feedback on a couple of my efforts. The thrill I gained from the feedback led me to ponder... In the end I had to look something up to see if it fitted things I often do... courtesy of [via a google search of course] I turned up this...

1. performed, exercised, received, or suffered in place of another: vicarious punishment.
2. taking the place of another person or thing; acting or serving as a substitute.
3. felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experience of others: a vicarious thrill.
4. Physiology. noting or pertaining to a situation in which one organ performs part of the
functions normally performed by another.

Now, I don't purport to relate directly to the first or indeed the last descriptions, but the middle two.... I do seem to be something of a vicarious thrill junkie. Explanation... I read more than my share of daring do biographies and get quite the involved buzz from them; I watch rather a lot of movies and the bigger the engrossment factor the better; I very much enjoy hearing that others have enjoyed the fruits of my labours, be that work, the rowing club, my family, a random e-mail I've sent... I enjoy the pleasure of others around me very much.

What I am left wondering (as well as noticing that e-mail blogging has given me the licence to go on a bit, sorry) is simply this... is that a bad thing? I suppose I enjoy it so much that it can't be, can it?

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