Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oarsome session

It really is all about the activity.... I feel so much better for getting on the move again. The training log, although simple, is making a big difference. Also sessions like tonight help to inspire... it went really very well. We swapped sides in the pair, which isn't quite as simple as it sounds. I got in the stroke seat and we tried to gel over one trip before doing technical stuff from there on.

The gel phase was interesting as I struggled a little to get used to not doing all the extra things you do in the bow seat, it was a bit like trying to write with the wrong hand at first. The technical phase went surprisingly well, the exercises at times were relaxed and controlled. I did feel I was looking down at the boat too much and tried to sit up, it was good to have DC sat behind me giving feedback too.

We have agreed to rotate fairly regularly, but haven't really settled on the pattern for it just yet... we are going to try and get some coaching input at some point soon on the subject. As it was we were both heartened to hear some bank side feedback as we were putting the boat away. We received it from another of the junior coaches so once he understood what we were trying to do he quickly shaped his feedback to our efforts and was very helpful in what he was saying.

It does seem that my biggest hurdle (my own diagnosis) is to relax and keep a fluid confident posture in the boat. I think if we rotate like as we did 1in3 or 1in4 outings that will really help a great deal. I thank my lucky stars to have a partner who is patient and intelligent about his approach to rowing :o)

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