Monday, September 24, 2007

Random weekend stream of thought

Well what a topsy turvy weekend, different movements in being on the move without fitness work. We are having building work done to 're-birth' our house as a new tailored to our lifestyle kinda space. The planning stages seem to be nearing completion and the on the ground action is imminent... so much movement as been packing our house into... our house... moving all manner of stuff into new locations away from build zones. Madness - kinda like the biggest spring clean going with the added fun of finding new homes for stuff.

I created five bags of shredded paper that will make its way to the compost bin, which has moved anyway to make room for other innovations. Ah, that was a whole other 'on the move'... turning a compost heap - lots of fun in that inner child 'I love muck' type way ;o) The best part of the compost adventure was that the kitchen clean up had unearthed old / out of date foodstuffs to tip into the heap as it was turned... I do hope tins of baked beans don't give compost heaps bad gas!

We've made good progress, and streamlined so many rooms its craziness!! During the fun my mum came to visit as the last official guest of the old house, she has suggested she'd like to be the first official guest in the new renovated house... didn't have the heart to tell her the dog gets that honour upon his return from building work (noise) exile.

Even my sisters posse turned up to heap the chaos on a fraction more, Sian dealt with the extra mouths excellently and they left well satisfied. My brother in law is going into the photography business and is setting himself up, he does have a well appointed website set up and is canvassing actively for business around the area "David Young Photography" [link since broken]. His stuff looks great, though I did a google search and he's not the only David Young in the trade... I haven't asked him how chuffed he was to find a dot com available, hehe

On the subject of links I added to more sports links to the 'on the move' listing...
canterbury sports clothing - I have purchase an excellent base layer from them, though I personally keep it as an 'undershirt' base layer as the bod doesn't allow buff muscle poses!?!?!
Simply Oarsome - Rowing Apparel - from whom I have ordered rowing all-in-ones, they haven't arrived yet so any form of review would seem a little previous.

As the title line says "Random weekend stream of thought", I'm sure there was something else to blog...... ah well, next time!

Very gusty, cooler, broken cloud.

[links checked and updated April 2011]

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