Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cardiff Small Boats Head 2007

Yesterday we had a crack at the Cardiff Small Boats Head in the pair, it was certainly an adventure. On the way to the start we encountered the water taxi and large waves that filled our foot wells. After trying to row on it was soon clear that a bail out was required, we pulled in at the top of the river got out and turned the boat over to tip out the half of the river that had jumped into our small craft.

The race itself went to plan in a great many respects except that we weren't any where near as fast as we'd hoped. We took over 16 minutes for the course. I don't think either of us could claim to be totally fit, but I think we'd both convinced ourselves that we had done enough work to compete. I think the truth may have been that we simply hadn't done enough base fitness work to go with our improving strokes from all the technical work.

It gave us plenty to think about, and a base to work from.... onwards and upwards ;o)

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