Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Funny old week

I would have liked to be able to report tales of great efforts in the fields of sporting endeavour... sadly, I can't. We have have the builders start on our extension and setting about digging one mother of a hole in our back garden. With the builders come a certain set of stresses (happily nothing to do with them as they are great blokes), like the worry about the disturbance to the road and neighbours, the worry about what they might find as they dig dig dig ever bigger holes.

This alone shouldn't have prevented activity, but it seems that I have some sort of low grade bug... it is that time of the year again, working with students coughs and colds come with the new academic year. Thanks to the disturbances in the back garden we haven't been able to get our bikes out to ride into work either..... I am not sure that these reasons really stack up to much, but I sure feel rotten for not doing anything the past few days!!

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