Saturday, November 17, 2007

Keep on moving don't stop

This week has been a little bit crazy, it started with a Monday from hell... e-mails flying around work making everyone involved feel rubbish, a busy week of actual work (which was nice), lots and lots of exercise (yippee, currently enjoying a warm afterglow of this mornings session!!), a trip to see Stomp! at the WMC, lots of building work on our house extension, meals out and all sorts really....

Why the blogpost title? Ah, well as I said I am enjoying the buzz of working hard this morning, and feeling full of energy and ambition :o)

In the vane of getting back on the move lately...
Cardiff Valentine's 10K PPUK Love Run
Saturday 9th February 2008 at 11am.
In Bute Park, Western Avenue
Entry fee £15
Web Site -  [link since expired]

Its all on a dead flat course around Bute park.

The entry can be done by post through the organisers
Or simply online through
(note: you will have to register with Runnersworld which is real straight-forward).

[ See you on the start line... :o) ]

It is an annual Cardiff event that I've done a couple of times, and is always good. The rowing club are trying to put a few people in, I guess so a degree of team running can be coordinated. Should prove a test of how good our winter training is or isn't!?!

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