Sunday, December 09, 2007

Back in the right cycles

After last weeks wake up call regarding my increased mass (unfortunately not muscle mass), I have renewed a couple of blog pledges and had a look at my current habits. The result has been a drop of 2.5 lbs since last week. A good move in the right direction again, although the 'peak' in weight (lets call it that at least) may have been in part due to over-eating the day before, being over-hydrated, etc. I can not get away from the fact though that I was sliding in the wrong direction.

Cycles happen in life all of the time, every second, minute and hour of every day. It really is a case of how in tune with them you are. There are so many cycles in life that it is very easy to lose sight of the ones you might feel are most important. I have, of late, been caught up in the work cycle of contract renewal (and perhaps even job change) and so have not paid enough attention to health cycles. Both exercise and food habit cycles suffered under the pressures of others. I am only relieved that I spotted the shifting cycles and set about putting them right (or at least what I feel is right for me).

Everyone has pressures upon how they spend their time, what I had forgotten this last few weeks is how many of those perceived time pressures are in fact self-made. Much of my own stress was on reflection truly self-made and impacting on my health through poorer diet and lower exercise. It took some straight forward questions of myself to work out what had slipped and why, and knowing the answers made the fixes all the more straight-forward.

I always have to remind myself that negative cycles are entirely natural and not something that I willingly place myself into, but are cycles that can be altered as soon as they are noticed. Life is life and life is fun, all the more so for the challenges of its balancing acts. All you need to re-balance at any point is to give yourself that moment to notice. There is hoping that the next time I spot the negative pattern sooner... and that is the joy of experience of life... I probably will.

This mornings scales read 15st 7.5lbs, the weather outside is foul, but the weather inside is improving.

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