Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crazy crush - sad incident while commuting

I am perplexed by what us humans do to each other... I had to watch a poor unfortunate future mother get off a train suffering what can only be summed up as panic attack.

The train that arrived in the station this evening was clearly packed as it pulled in so I stepped back knowing not even to try, and that another would be along soon. The rest of the assembled public on the platform surged desperately at the packed train and tried to push themselves on board. As the shuffling continued some passengers fought to get off in the face of those fighting to get on. Out of the side of this melee appeared a small'ish woman sobbing and looking distressed, she stood to one side on the platform starring at the train she'd just disembarked. As the moments went by and the massively overcrowded train pulled away the woman, now in floods of tears, passed by to sit down in the platform shelter. As she sat down I realised she was quite pregnant and holding her bump as she cried. Obviously those on the train had paid no heed to her condition and carried on pushing the woman into a space that she felt so uncomfortable in that she just had to get out.

I was shocked and baffled. Luckily as she recomposed herself she pulled out her mobile and called for some friend / relative to come and get her. Unbelievable that at this time (or any time) of the year no one would care enough to give the poor woman space!! I don't know how to round this post off other than to quietly hope I never have to see anything like that happen again.

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