Saturday, December 08, 2007

Crazy little thing called "weather"

I don't claim to know whats going on, whether the weather is indeed changing for the worst (i.e. global warming, green house effect, El nino, carbon release syndrome, or whatever its called). But the winter storms have arrived this week and put paid to all things rowing at least on the river. The river we row on is a fast reacting one. The catchment area is steep sided (Welsh valleys), and so the levels go up and down at times like a yo-yo.

Worse than our own river not being 'rowable' (we kind of use that as a word at the rowing club?!?!), a neighbouring clubs river is also badly affected by the storms so no race tomorrow. Monmouth Rowing Club had planned their Winter Head tomorrow... I can't help but feel deep empathy for their situation as they seem to lose more than their fair share of events to bad weather.

Land training (i.e. indoor training) would have seemed the likely way ahead, but my training buddy was busy and moreover I was very stressed by all things work in the latter half of this week!! Still I am trying to take my own advice with respect to the food / activity balance that I went on at length about in my previous post. Only time will tell, Christmas will be a stern test of that particular resolve.

Seeing as I spend a fair bit of time at the PC at the moment I did use it for some good yesterday... I sent sponsor money to the two challenges that have caught my interest of late [Charity Fundraisers]. Not the same as getting out there and making a difference I know, but it put a smile on my face to support their immense efforts :o)

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