Sunday, January 20, 2008

Counting the cost

The recent weeks have seen a major dip in my fitness and a bulge in my weight. The full extent of which has left me at 15st 10lbs... my heaviest for some considerable time. I am deeply unhappy about it but there has been a combination of circumstances, not least of which has been the groin injury. The long road back to fitness has started, two one hour sessions on the elliptical trainer with masses of stretches thrown in to keep my groin loose. Its gone well, but I am tired now, suggesting my fitness is worse than I thought. Happily my groin has come through the weekends working out very well. I am I hope firmly back on the move :o)
Found using a google search, image can be removed if necessary
Above a pic of my new best friend the cross trainer, I may well be spending a lot of time with a beast that looks a lot like this specimen!!

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