Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend wasted...

I fell foul of my own ambition this weekend, I really wanted to do far more than I have... there just aren't enough hours in a weekend. Popping into work twice didn't exactly help, but a lack of energy wouldn't let me by as busy as I wanted to be. At least I managed to train injury free again on the Saturday and caught up with my pair partner (happily he's keen on pursuing the season in the pair or double, yippee!!).

The really sad bit was that the scales showed no new news... still 15st 10lbs!!! As my wife pointed out, as heavy as I was when I met her... I have been as much as a stone lighter during our relationship when I was running and rowing, I hope this summer will see a return of the exercise double act, the two R's if you like ;o)

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