Monday, February 04, 2008

Busy weekend

Well for a weekend it is certainly packed... started with 30mins ergo'ing, 20mins running at the club, then we went bowling (I did pretty well for the first bowl in two years, 167 & 171 - I had two turkeys, the first one with my first three balls!!). After that activity we bustled off to one of the best eateries in South Wales for a fab meal, and then dashed home in time to see England v Wales... which despite contriving to lose Wales came back to win!!

Then Yesterday saw more running (30mins this time), followed by 30mins or so off moderate weights work. The weights included some light load squats, which like the rest of the weekends workouts seemed not to aggrievate my recent groin injury (yipee). After the training we went to a local country park to walk our dog with a bunch of other rescue dogs.... by the time we got home we were absolutley battered. Watched Scotland lose to France and then had a quiet night in.

A fabulous weekend :o) And then today....

This morning I tried porridge for breakfast for the second day running, got to work early so popped into a branch of Starbucks for a coffee (I chose a vanilla latte), I had a MacDonalds for a quick lunch on the hoof, and then in the afternoon I had milkshake... and now I feel sick... my wife pointed out the calories involved in all that and I realised why!!! I feel like a small child that went to a friends birthday party, eat too much cake and drank too much fizzy pop!!! Its not nice!!!

Perhaps its some karmic revenge thing for having frequented two of the big bad chain stores in one day... I have been to niether for a very very long time. I had actually rather enjoyed the atmosphere in Bucks, sitting in a booth reading a paper before work felt very urbane. The same could not be said for my MacD's experience, since my last visit leather Bucks style sofas have appeared but the ambiance was far from urbane.

Tomorrow I will try not to make myself sick but will be trying my first ever protein supplement experience... as part of a fitness drive I am trying out a bit of diet modification (more of that tomorrow)...

Bright clear, hint of fine drizzle, beautiful February day.

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