Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The great two month experiment...

Welcome to my great two month experiment (not in any way related to having turned 34 recently, oh no!!).... what is my grand scheme I hear no one ask?... it is a simple get fit and more importantly shed some body fat plan. Having been inspired by a magazine article (hmm, I know not the most auspicious place to begin) and partly also by the coming of lent the new plan has been hatched.

Essentially I will be eating a more substantial breakfast (mainly porridge or similar) and cutting lunch into two smaller meals eating four times a day rather than 3. Not sounding like rocket science so far is it? Well indeed thats because it isn't really, I will be reducing the carb intake in favour of protein and working a fair bit harder at the gym and with home weights. Trying to somewhat, and I hesitate to use the word,... no I really do hesitate... resculpt myself a bit. I have been putting off getting out the tape measure but that will be my main yardstick. Measuring key areas (i.e. waist, stomach, chest, etc.) and then measuring them again at the end of month one and then month two.

I will let you, my audience of mostly one (hello honey!) how it goes and what (if any ) revelations I come across. Oh, I have given up chocolate and taking the train to work for lent... an inspired duo I think you will agree.

My first experiment with chocolate flavoured protein powder as an appetite suppressing breakfast supplement was interesting... mixing half a 'dose' into my porridge was simple and almost tasty (given that I am not the biggest porridge fan thats not an indictment of the powder). On the way to work and while in work I felt stuffed full, so perhaps mission accomplished, this is only an 'n' of 1 experiment so far!! The rough idea is that the protein will make me feel 'fuller' at breakfast, that the protein will require a metabolism shift to be used as fuel helping reduce some male pattern glycogen stores, and also act as building material if I follow through my plan to get to the gym more.

See my plan??? Hmmmmmm... I know it does sound like bollocks... I am not exactly sold myself... just prepared to give an experiment a few weeks... or at least to the end of lent ;o) Hmm, perhaps I should have described my lent options as: cutting down simple carbs and giving up lazy forms of transport, hehehehe

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