Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going the distance

The last two mornings I set off for work and decided to cycle. Fine, well and good. I decided to take a longer route as I have gotten out of the habit and need the exercise. The route I normally take is fairly quick, but worst of all is broken up so there are no nice long sweeps to get a head of steam going.

Thus I have been going past my turning into the park (which is now open after Winter closing - opens dawn - closes at dusk), and doing a long loop around it. Going almost into the heart of town and back again. The route is roughly 4.8 miles (according to the Gmaps Pedometer), which is around double the usual route into work. It really does feel like a bike ride and it is much nicer to arrive in work having 'toured' the views of the park and river in the morning.

It is still in fact quicker than taking the train, even with the addition, and only adds 10 minutes to an often 8-10 minute trip. To be honest its a bit of a drag putting cycling kit on for the shorter trip!! I obviously won't be able to do the route all the time, but variety is apparently the spice so I'll certainly be trying out meandering routes to work when I can ;o)

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