Monday, March 17, 2008

When you just can't shift the hic-cup...

Over recent weeks I have continued to 'suffer' from my hic-cup... having finally gotten over the hip problem and then wandered into a knee problem I found myself going no where. Pressures of work, i.e. finding a new contract / job, have meant that I have been comfort eating and not training as I have been doing. It is amazing just how quickly your body takes its revenge on you when you drop good habits for bad!!

I arrived at the point of discovering that I have topped 16st for the first time since... well it doesn't really matter when... I was not happy, but not surprised. The effects of being this heavy had made themselves obvious long before I stepped on my faithful scales... apparently I have started snoring, I have lost strength and tone in my legs and torso, and I have much less energy to tackle the rigors of the working, training, DIY'ing, commuting week!

The grand plan (see my last post), was really a grand attempt at a shake up... unfortunately it just didn't stick... I didn't back it up with consistant action. I am not going to try a grand plan from here, instead I am going back to what works... getting on the move... cycling to work, training properly at the rowing club, and avoiding all the comfort eating / grazing eating.

Really have to make this stick this time... I will not go back to being a heavy, tired, sick Andy!!!

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