Monday, June 29, 2009

Time flies...

Time flies when you are busy... sadly though the passage of time hasn't been so kind to my waistline. I opened this blog to pick up my efforts of all things fitness, and saw the last post was my boast... whoops... it lasted some time, then Christmas festivities and and great many other things came along and took my attention away from weighty issues.

Of late I have had a few sage comments from my wife about my whereabouts on my all time trend line, all of them pointing to the fact I have slipped by a few pounds (I will weigh in on Sunday and then adjust my chart to help my renewed pledge to get on the move!!). Noticeably I am not as fit as I was, the stairs in the office are tough at the moment, and rowing is okay as long as we keep it short and sharp?!?!?

Perhaps I'll even get around to diagnosing the reasons behind the slide ;o)

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