Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crickey that hurts!

The return to 'proper' exercise is certainly leaving its mark this week... the circuits left a hefty and prolonged ache. Ironically it was the stretching session after the circuit that did the most 'damage', stretching bits that hadn't beeen strectched in a while! The opted to try and stretch out more often afterwards, and so far haven't been caught by work colleagues doing impromptu leg stretches in the office, hehee.

I managed to get myself into the gym this morning, which was great. Although I didn't realise the done thing is to coiffeur your hair into the bed head look in the mirror for five minutes before entering the gym and working out!?!?! I went with my usual 'au naturel' bed head, plus bike helmet head hair style (sans mirror)... perhaps I'm actually a gym fashion leader??!?! ;o)

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