Monday, July 20, 2009

Little by little

When it comes to making new starts (which inevitably happens along any path) then the key thing to keep in mind is little by little. I managed to forget this bit of my own advice, and for a few minutes of a rowing machine session this Saturday just gone I was very annoyed. I thought that I would be able to do almost as well as I used to do a couple of months ago, ah no, not even close. When you go back to doing something you've not done in a while give yourself a mental break and don't expect old glories instantly.

The same is true of healthy eating, don't expect that because you were once much lighter that a return will come swiftly. Admittedly the early days of eating better invariably do go well, mainly through a sort of detox effect of 'emptying' your system of excess digestion material (whatever it was you were using to make yourself feel 'full'). After the initial phase give yourself a similar mental break, and know that from there on its going to be incremental and steady work to get back to where you once were.

Happily I am enjoying be back at the task, the rowing machine session felt good - as soon as I got off I felt the buzz. The healthier eating is similarly good, the initial 'effect' of diet change has tipped me just below the 15st mark. I must up date the chart, though I need to get my FTP service sorted before I can, d'oh!!

I keep thinking of things to blog, so hopefully I'll post some of those up in coming days :o)

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