Thursday, July 16, 2009

Return to action

After a brief but lovely holiday I am back to concerted efforts to keep 'on the move'... started by cycling into work today, and will continued with that at least until the weekend. Some rowing and running will (I hope) creep back in next week with a renewed healthy eating thrust.

The scales didn't tell me scary things when I got back from holiday indulgences, only that I seem to have settled back at 15st. I will get to updating my chart on the weekend, it is usually the act of charting that inspires a good run of activity. Now that my days, weeks are fuller with things I will perhaps need to be canny about fitting in goodly amounts of exercise. We will see how that develops.

I noticed my blog has a number of American visits on my ClustrMap, although sadly I never subscribed to the details map so I have no idea where they actually are from. I am intrigued to know whether anyone reads this at all, let alone with any regularity (bar my wife that is who often reads this and offers kind hints about my terrible spelling!?!? hehehehe).

On the subject of readers, I often wonder if I'm missing a trick with certain keywords and so on. You know the thing, you blog a bunch of stuff and keep mentioning words over and over so search engines offer your blog up to read. I am often curious as to what happens if for example I wrote several blog entries about celeb gossip or diet fads whether my ClustrMap would reflect the 'titillating' keyword pick ups / hits?!?! Happily I really couldn't care less if anyone finds this or not, when I remember to blog its always more for me that it is for you.... and I certainly don't intend to start dropping little search enticing keywords everywhere ;o)

Ps. yes I know there is a spell checker here, I often forget to hit the button before the 'publish' button - sorry! :o)

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