Thursday, August 20, 2009

2k, 2k, 2k, 2k, 2k and thunder!

I have more or less put myself into Winter training mode already, and in that vein I have decided to keep my heavy 2k session in my week of exercise. It should prove a good guide to my progress over coming weeks, if I keep it up ;o)

Tonight I was really quite happy with what I managed:-
2k 1- 7:28.6 - aver. 1:52.1/500m - 24spm
2k 2- 7:35.1 - aver. 1:53.7/500m - 24spm
2k 3- 7:36.2 - 1:54.0/500m - 25spm
2k 4- 7:40.6 - 1:55.1/500m - 24spm
2k 5- 9:04 - warm down

Pictured below, the instrument of my own self-imposed torture (there's probably a word for that kind of activity).
I realised halfway through that I had my feet too high, and found the adjustment far better for my posture. At the beginning I had adjusted the drag factor (resistance setting) to better suit someone of my weight as well. All the little details probably contributed to this being a better session than last week. Below is a picture I took tonight showing the fantastic view I have as I put myself through my paces...

As I was finishing my session a thunder storm broke that made me glad that I was in the gym and not out on the water like the rest of the club. I was also chuffed that the thunder came during my warm down as it proved to be a huge distraction, and that I had lovely fresh cool air to head home in.

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