Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Review -> "Music for Torching" - A.M. Homes

Another my reviews that I've been posting on LivingSocial's facebook app... I may as well re-cycle my words for anyone finding my blog.

"Music for Torching" - A.M. Homes

"Having read "This book will save your life" I looked to the authors other work and picked this for a holiday read. Well good grief it is as gritty and hyper real as anything I've read. Quite often I was moved to queasy uneasiness, and at points found it a disquieting read. The writer draws you in to the world of dysfunctional relationships, and suburban America. I had come to believe the book was a post-modern farce and that it was heading for a puerile but grand comedy reveal of an ending. Only I was absolutely, totally and utterly wrong.

The ending is masterful, in one chapter it all swings around and brings everything abruptly into perspective. I would absolutely love to gush about why, but I'd ruin the ending for anyone who might read it. If you really want to read a book that will make you examine the preoccupations of selfish existence, and peer relationships get this and bare with it to the end. My admiration of the authors skills have increased many fold."

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