Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Circuit dizziness!?!?!

Tuesday evening saw me heading to the rowing club for a circuit training session. I had to turn down an row in an eight to do it, but I have more than realised that fitness is the key to getting the boat moving. Unfortunately too many colleagues circuit like crazy all Winter, meaning they are superbly fit come March, then do little or no work during the Summer when the lure of long days and water prove too much. This means the average crew gets slower through the summer months, ironic, unproven, yes, but I suspect pretty much on the money.
(c) copyright: A.J. Hollins
[Another cartoon effort using the 'fine art' PowerPoint drawing tools - I call this "Circuit Dizziness!?!?!" - a true work of classic post-modern doodling. ]

Only a shame you don't get a sense of the pain involved in a rowing circuit from the cartoon!

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