Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week rolling on

Last night (Tuesday) saw more circuit fun, I managed to pace myself much better this week but it still hurts today! There wasn't a great attendance again, but the six of us did have plenty of room to work hard. Even with just six we had to have the fan running in the gym because of the muggy humid weather we are enjoying this weird weather summer. The stretching at the end was once again the hardest part, I really am not very bendy at the moment. Its probably something that requires me sticking with the more awkward stretches rather than doing the easy ones a lot.

No training today, but a long day in work followed by attending to and putting to end a grumpy and crying daughter has completely finished me off. Still being a bit more on the move of late should keep me going until the weekend :o) I intend doing another 2k ergo session tomorrow evening, which should prove very interesting?!?

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