Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend madness

It started with a single scull outing, which took in three trips up and down the river. I could feel after one and a half that I wouldn't be able to do more than three. My brain was saying "hey, lets go fast, we've spent too long messing with technique", unfortunately my body was saying "I'm shattered now from staying upright doing all that technique!". In the end I did a 500m 'pressure' piece from just above the bridge on the last bit of the second trip, and then limped up and down the third one. I could feel the battle between concentration and fatigue during almost all the final trip. At least I managed to win the battle to stay upright :oD

After the rowing came loft sorting, box moving, shelf building, lawn mowing, allotment clearing, shopping, and all manner of other weekend madness. It was a busy weekend, which left me so tired I had to go for a nap when our daughter went for hers!! I feel that a bit of fitness will make these kind of weekends a little easier... I am still pursuing that, after several weeks of no rowing training and heavy summer cold. happily things are on the move ;o)

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