Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whoops, five times 2k... fast, slower and slower

Tonight I was a bit daft in my five 2k training session this was what I managed:-

2k 1- 7:15.7 - aver. 1:48.9/500m - 26spm -very happy, decent time with energy to spare.
2k 2- 7:37.6 - aver. 1:54.4/500m - 25spm -hmm, too fast first 2k?
2k 3- 7:51.2 - 1:57.8/500m - 24spm -yes, too fast on the first 2k!!
2k 4- 8:24.6 - 2:06.1/500m - 22spm -oh no, no power left!! :o(
2k 5- 9:59 - warm down -even as a warm down this was a long, long time.

My wife thought it was hilarious that I went too fast and blew my bolt too soon... and there I was a week ago all happy and chuffed with my pacing and effort, hoo-hum!

Now I seem to be well and truly back on the move all I need do now is get back on my bike (to commute to work) and sort out my eating habits again... like I said, hoo-hum! :o)

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