Friday, September 04, 2009

Book Review -> "Devil May Care" - Sebastian Faulks

Another my reviews that I've been posting on LivingSocial's facebook app...

"Devil May Care" - Sebastian Faulks

"I have little doubt that Faulks is a fabulous writer (my wife says so), but I was left a little cold by this. Not sure what I was expecting, there was you'd expect, but it seemed a little like average fan fiction.
I have to say I haven't actually read a 'genuine' Fleming book so I can't labour over any comparison (perhaps I will put this right and read an original). The characterisation seemed lazy, the plot fast but clunky... although in saying that I did enjoy the read - I didn't get tempted to give it up at any point. So in that Faulks held my attention and had me partially immersed in a Bond world of suspended belief.
The parallels to modern world issues were in places obvious and while I could see what the author was trying to achieve I was not rapt by the style in which it was done. The research seemed too deliberate in achieving the comparisons, and at times distracted.
On the whole I enjoyed the book, and it will likely mean I look for a Fleming read, and perhaps even a read of one of my wife's Faulks 'as Faulks' books."

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