Monday, September 07, 2009

Carry on archiving

I am in the middle of going back through my blog having a bit of a clean up. Correcting my terrible spelling, refreshing the odd link, enjoying a nostalgic read, and adding tags to posts written before Blogger offer such things. It very interesting to read my own musings, they at times seem to be written by someone I recognise and at other times by someone I don't. This blog does represent the longest diary I have ever kept. Even though its mostly sports / fitness / weight based it does contain many references to other things going on in my world.

The biggest puzzle at the moment as I go back and forth updating my archive is the number or Clustrmap hits I have in the U.S. of A. since January this year. Normally the biggest single red blob on my map in a given year is me in the U.K. There is an ever growing blob smack in the middle of America, that seems to be reading this blog more than I am... if you are that blob FANTASTIC don't stop visiting... but I fear there may be a problem with my map :o(

I can heartily recommend a blog / diary (even if you don't make it public and watch red dots on a visit map with interest) for keeping a record of endeavour, effort, activity, or simply events. The best bit is looking back at the archive after a time with a warm sense of appreciation and recognition.

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