Saturday, September 12, 2009

More and more

With my brief session the on Thursday I thought I would make up for it today and do some more 2k ergs.

2k 1 - 7m33s, Aver. per 500m 1m53s, Aver. 23spm
2k 2 - 7m45s, Aver. per 500m 1m56s, Aver. 22spm
2k 3 - 7m42s, Aver. per 500m 1m55s, Aver. 23spm
2k 4 - 7m34s, Aver. per 500m 1m53s, Aver. 23spm
...and finally I tried a last gasp 500m sprint, silly but I thought it might be interesting.
500m - 100m 1m33s 42spm, 200m 1m34s 35spm, 300m 1m39s 36spm, 400m 2m55s 17spm, 500m 2m28s 18spm.

It was a good session, but I really need to improve my concentration through the middle of the distances. I found the split times were fluctuating as my attention came and went. Still perhaps I'm being tough on myself, I could have just not bothered and that would have been worse!!

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