Thursday, September 03, 2009

Quick catch up - after the Bank Holiday weekend

All in all it was a busy weekend, with the August bank holiday and all. I was pretty on the move, with sculling, allotmenteering, BBQ attending, and so on. It all started on Saturday with three full trips in the single scull whilst trying to coach a more novice double scull... emphasis here should be on the word 'trying' - being not more than a novice sculler myself, it was interesting attempting to impart advice while not toppling in! In the end all was well, I found it very useful for my boatcraft skills to not be staring at my hands on each stroke and so on... I was actually looking down the river (something numerous coaches have told me I should do, ahem!).

Sunday saw a trip into work, and a BBQ at my rowing partners place - welcoming him back from a sabitical in Boston (nice work if you can get it, hehe). Monday then saw our first pair outing in months, which went well, but was hardly our best ever. Our fitness seemed improved but lack of boat time certainly showed now and then. Happily we are both trimmer, working on base fitness, and go into Winter training again looking forward to next years glories :oD

Wednesday evening even saw us take to the weight room, but our exubrance may have gotten the better of us - both of us are in achy pain today apparently! Sadly its not looking good for rowing this weekend... below is the very full river this morning after a couple of days of stormy weather (you can normally see the plinth at the bottom of the bridge on the far side).

Mobile phone picture - Taken this morning from the Taff Trail

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