Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whoops, all too busy

Well I'd planned to do a 5 times 2k ergo on Thursday night, but loads of new rowers turned up and I got distracted. I found that I was the only non-learner there and that the noise of my machine was causing issues for the 'tutors'. Oh, well, as it was I'd done a hard'ish first 2k so I probably couldn't have done all five.

The two I did do were:-
2k 1 - 7m14s, Aver per 500m 1m48s, Aver 27spm
2k 2 - 7m37s, Aver per 500m 1m54s, Aver 23spm
I was actually very happy with the first one, it felt like I could have gone faster if I was going full out.

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