Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogger evolved while I was away

It is nice that Blogger evolved somewhat whilst I was taking my (unintended) blog hiatus. There is the newer post interface, the promise of 10 fixed pages (I have things in mind there already), a totally revamped 'Stats' area, and well probably more I haven't found yet. All of this has left me very keen to get stuck in, and perhaps plan activity for when my toe is healed.

Image: 'borrowed' from Blogger, I don't think they'll mind.

There is a lot to be said for blogging, I have expounded it's virtues before I know, it is really far more satisfying than micro-blogging. I read someone (sorry I forget the link) being very snotty about Blogger, which is fine if you come from the stand point of 'web techie', but a little blinkered to the desires of those of us who like to keep a diary or share thoughts with the minimum of techno fuss. 'We' like the quick micro-blog type interface with the space and scope to convey that bit more (which reminds me must find some images!).

As perhaps an example, I have already returned to the process of going back through my archive, applying 'labels', correcting weblinks and enjoying a bit of a read. All very easy to do with this interface ;o)

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