Thursday, April 14, 2011

50 + 50 = a 'simple' friendly challenge

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My rowing buddy (who it is safe to say is madder than me) suggested some time back that we should do more core work. Later, and I'm not sure where it came from, he suggested doing 50 press (push)-ups and 50 sit-ups every day.

That sounds relatively straight forward doesn't it? I thought not much more of it. More recently he has injured his knee and is doing a number of things to accommodate fitness while not potentially further damaging his leg. We chatted about what he was doing in the gym and so on, whereupon he mentioned the 50 + 50 thing again. He has been doing them and is finding it increasingly more comfortable.

After we'd chatted I thought, "that sounds alright, I'll give it a go"... that was on the weekend just gone, and I promise you it isn't all right... I hurt!

The moves are simple, require no equipment and take a little less than 5 minutes to do. So by the end of day one I found it wasn't too bad, and thought "heh, I had to switch to knee press-ups and crunches but it doesn't hurt much". On day two, I did the same but found the aches had begun, and the third day tried to do more of each in the classical style. Now it is day four and I have yet to do this 'simple' thing classically all the way through, but am quite sore. Though the kind of sore that implies good work has been done.

Little things make big differences, or so they say. This is a case of wait and see. I hope to tell my buddy the challenge has made a difference, and that it is 'easy', some time soon!

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