Friday, July 01, 2011

A is for...

'A' is for a few things today...

App - I am going to be using an App for my half marathon training plan - Half Marathon Coach. Found by my wife, and it looks nice and straight-forward to use.

App - installed the Official 2011 Tour de France application powered by ┼áKODA in readiness for the big event starting this weekend. It looks pretty slick, but then the race has not started yet.

App - The complete National Cycle Network app found via sustrans charity pages. Though I am yet to think of what to do with it really, as currently most all of my cycling is commuting.

Artwork - inspired by wonderfully produced blogs heralded on the blogger 'blogs of note' list. There is some awesome looking stuff out there Matty Spencer Illustration, We Love to Illustrate, delight by design - it's not that I want to start an art / design blog I feel I should at least try to include a few more of bloggers own photos on here.

Andy Murray - an Andy that appears very much to be "on the move" at the Wimbledon Championships again this year.

Addiction - I have been reflecting on the nature of diets and diet changes. Specifically the changes in physiological balance when diets are changed that must be very like those experienced in (or at least described by) the processes of addiction. [this deserves a separate fuller post in the near future]

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