Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good run, good weight - signed up for a 10k race

Well, well, well I had a pretty good run last night. It was a 5.6 mile circuit which I completed in 51min 43sec. I set out to run it nice and relaxed. The average split was what I wish all my easy runs would be roughly, 9min 15sec per mile. I would like to make 9 the new 10, so that instead of cruising at 10min/mile in light training I would cruise at 9min/mile instead. Have to see if my change in running style facilitates this or not.

Then the morning after the night (run) before I have a pleasant surprise, I have equalled the lightest weight that I have measured in the last ten years!! This may also be contributing to an increased running pace it has to be said. I am very happy, though very aware that unlike previous bests over the last ten years I want to make this weight change stick!

In amongst all this, in fact before all this, I signed up for the Cardiff 10k race next month. It is really part of my half marathon preparation, but I am also quietly hoping for an official 10k personal best (sorry, personal record). More details on the race to follow.

Overcast, light showers, light to moderate winds, looks like heavier rain due later in the day (haven't done a weather check in a while, and it felt like a good day to bring it back).

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