Monday, August 15, 2011

Graph, activity and tiredness

The graph from Saturdays run was really very pleasing. The overall pace was pretty good for 'easy' running, and the half hour burst stands out nice and clearly. The more I think about the tinkering with my stride the more I think it was beneficial. The other factor that may have helped was I nice sticky energy gel thingy at around half way.
The recovery day, Sunday, was in the end very active. Started off peacefully with me watching cBeebies with my daughter while my wife went out for her long weekend run. Then I went up to the allotment did a lot of digging and picking, got home and mowed the lawn, then spent a large part of late afternoon and early evening stood at the sink prepping harvested beans for the freezer.
So it shouldn't have really come as a surprise that this morning I was dog tired? Never mind, I feel really good for all the activity and ready to keep on keeping on the move.

New training table started today, and happily as of this morning I have lost 7lb in the last 20 days.

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