Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Much ado about clothing

I find myself in a happy muddle over clothes (no, it's okay I have some on), having shrunk 20lbs or more in the last 10 weeks I have to consider my wardrobe. It isn't that I am a 'fashonista' or even particularly self conscious about style, it is simply that my stuff is all... a bit... big. There are a few options that sprung to mind: (1) get rid and start over, (2) adapt and make do, (3) do nothing in case this is all an anomaly. The middle option seems the most prudent and sensible. I can't help but feel there will be a steady flow of my clothes heading to the charity shops over coming weeks / months.

Perhaps my biggest concern is buying for now and then having to buy again. Case in point, I brought new jeans a little over two weeks ago and I am already finding that they might be getting loose. This is I suppose where a number 3 type option could be useful in an adapted form... do nothing until I am sure I have found my natural plateau and THEN buy new stuff. I am not used to this level of thought about clothes (call it a 'man' thing if you wish) and I am finding it all oddly stressful. Yes, I have lost weight before, but no not in such a concerted way as to have created this dilemma (previously I've lost this kind of weight over 10 months plus not 10 weeks plus!).

Whatever I do about it, the best thing about this period has been that as I get on with training or catch myself in the mirror I could swear I feel / look younger.

PS. I will try to remember to update my weight graph this weekend to give a 'scale' to the cause of the above ado.

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