Monday, September 26, 2011

Swansea Bay 10k - family day out

Sunday saw the family travel across to Swansea to watch Mrs. Taffi run the 10k race. It was a lovely day weather wise, and the organisation of the event was second to none. Sadly Mrs. Taffi was suffering a full on and stinking cold. She set out feeling very unsure of her run strategy and then during the run suffered a couple of further set backs (most notably her ipod shuffle dying somewhere the half way mark). In the end she came in in a time just around 1hr 3min, bettering her PR by 4mins (that seems to be catching in our house) and doing brilliantly considering the gods of luck were working against her somewhat.

It is the first 10k race that I remember watching and it was really quite an experience. Watching the leaders coming in was a sight to behold for a confirmed plodder, they move so freely and with such speed. The event was won by a Kenyan, Edwin Kipkorir (who I think was a previous winner). The stream of runner that built up behind was amazing to watch. Everyone with there own style, facial expression, apparent motivation. I was taken by the gradual change in the runners as the finish time ticked onwards towards the hour and beyond. It was clear that although you might look at someone and guess their time, it is no real indicator of their potential time. I know have great hopes of improving my PR next year having seen guys of my frame blitzing to good times.

Mrs. Taffi is now recovering from both run and cold, and I think also looking forward to next year. She really wants to find out how she can do when everything goes 'right'... yes, that is right... she is addicted ;-)

Not long to the Cardiff Half-marathon now, and the two of us are getting excited in our own different ways. I am off for an hours easy run later, trying to convince myself that I can truly make 9min/mile the new 10min/mile and perhaps begin to move slowly towards the speeds needed to run like the 10k in 45min runners?!?!

PS. I hope to hear about the London Marathon Ballot in just over a week, having never been this run fit and not having been lighter in the last ten years... I am even more excited than I have been in past ballots. Lets hope this one does not turn out like the others... #desperatetogetinthisyear

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