Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Win win!!

Okay so I haven't blogged a lot lately, but happily I have been working on good news.
myfitnesspal.com - my progress chart.
After finishing the Cardiff 10k having smashed my PR.
The evidence is in the two pictures above. I think from my captions you can already see why I am currently a happy bunny. My progress with weight has lead me to an all time low for this century (ahem!), which meant I met my goal of 14 stone (196lbs). Happily I am feeling so good on losing the weight that I have revised my target and am hoping to park myself in the middle of my BMI (body mass index) range... eventually.

The second picture is from after my half-marathon warm up event, the Cardiff 10K. I set out with the knowledge that I had beaten my competition PR in training, and hoped to see if I could add to that benchmark. Happily I beat my old competition PR by over 4minutes and came in at 53min 4sec. I am quietly hopefully of a PR in the half-marathon next month. These two pictures are I believe totally linked, it is not simply that I have gotten stronger following the half-marathon training plan, it must be because I am so much lighter that contributed hugely. At the end of the 10K race I found I had a Usian Bolt-like sprint finish in me that I hope implies I had stamina in reserve for the longer distance (though perhaps I was kicking myself that I could have paced myself to a faster 10K PR).

Off the back of the 10K I signed up for the 2012 Bath Half-marathon next March. It seems I am developing a habit of entering new races the day after completing another! My thinking was that if (and it is a huge 'if') I make it through the London Marathon ballot this time around then I would need a half race around then to progress training for the big one. If I don't get through to London then it is a fabulous run to do anyway from what people tell me?

All is well, and I am off to get my kit on for what looks like being a very wet training run - overcast, steady rain, moderate to gusty wind.

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