Saturday, December 31, 2011

Real training has begun again

Over the last couple of days I have taken time to get back into the frame of mind that paid off very handsomely this year when I was preparing for the Cardiff half-marathon. I have started tracking my calories again using the myfitnesspal app, I have spent time musing a running plan courtesy of Marathon Coach by Running Method app, I have returned to leaping about my lounge with the 30-day Shred Jillian Michael's DVD (Mrs. Taffi is both tickled and baffled by this), and moreover I have even been out on a run.

It is a shock to the system to have jumped back into all the things I was doing a few months ago, and it is true to say my body is complaining quite a bit. Happily I remember that the first few days were a challenge when I got going back in the summer before it began to feel more comfortable. My goal this time is larger not only in distance (to run a marathon) but also in terms of weight loss, I feel I need to reach somewhere comfortably below 13st (182lb or 82.5kg) to make the run that bit easier on me). It has become clear that one of my bigger challenges in the next few months (however I do over 26.2 miles) is to find another challenge for immediately afterwards. The last couple of months without an immediate goal deadline have seen a blip in weight and fitness, which while not terrible were very noticeable [see my Weight page - which I have just updated]. All I need to be careful of is picking the right size of challenge next time, I will certainly not run any further than 26.2 miles for example.

The excitement of reaching my goal later in the spring is certainly driving me at the moment, and pushing me back into the regime that worked for the half-marathon without too much resistance. I suppose it might be the newness of the challenge, or the thought of a marathon completion, whatever it is I am hoping to ride its wave for a good few weeks into the longer mileage runs ;-)

PS. happy New Year! I hope 2012 is full of good things for everyone.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of 2011... running start to 2012...

Been a little while since I posted, I have had the pleasure of putting in an application for Fellowship funding in work and running (exercising) took a back seat for a couple of weeks. Seems my blog decided to follow as all my words were being used in writing about a possible career direction for the next 3 years.

I have to be brutally honest and report that I have not been kind to myself eating wise during those computer desk bound days (gained half a stone!). I am 10 weeks from a half marathon and 18 from the full marathon, and so I need no more motivation than that to get out on the trail on again. All being well I will be reporting my training here, and perhaps begging for input if (when) things get tough. In the meanwhile, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and will have an even better New Year.

Some numbers for the end of 2011...
  • 318.38 miles total run this year (well that I logged in one running app).
  • 13st 6lb (188lb or 85kg) the lightest I weighed all year and in the last 10+ years.
  • 400+ visits to my blog.
  • 67 blog posts.
  • 15 blogs on my Blog list.
  • 122 days until my first marathon (from today).
  • 1-year caffeine clean almost to the day and doing great ;-)
  • 6 years 1 month 24 days since I started my blog.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Wow that is strange... urge to exercise out of the blue

I am having to stay at home and wait for a plumber (ah, the joys of the seasonal heating). Now that isn't strange that is simply a statement, the strange bit is that I am considering doing an exercise DVD in a coffee break from working at the PC (happily I can do some work from home). I know roughly when the plumber will arrive so I don't have to worry about being in my sweats when he arrives. Strange that I'd even consider doing it? I really must have suffered a mental 'flip' in recent years, a younger me in the past won't have considered such nonsense. Interesting what you catch yourself doing when the fitness bug is in you!