Monday, January 23, 2012

14 weeks to go

My training plan tells me that I have 14 weeks to go until the MK marathon... GULP! This means I am 4 weeks into the plan, and happy I can run a good half marathon but not entirely convinced about a full. I finished last week with the second highest mileage I think I have ever run for a single week, which gives me some sense of the scale of this thing (I ran a total of 29 miles over 7 days, whereas I want to run 26.2 in half a day!). To say that I am developing the jitters is perhaps an understatement... I have them and it is bordering on the fears!

I am deeply enjoying the training so far and last week was a real achievement... it is growing on me that I will have to set and set and set many such achievements over the next 14 weeks!

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