Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Slings and arrows of finding new balance

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There are many things that crop up when you begin anew with training and eating plans, quite aside from the straightforward logistics of how, when and how much. Indeed I have found that one of the major consequences can indeed be mood. In the efforts of eating sensibly and training more it is all to easy to forget to keep an eye on the consequences of the changes in balance going on within your physiology and biochemistry, of your whole body very much including the brain. I suppose in most cases involving sensible exercise plans mood changes mostly brought on simply by tiredness of extra training and reduced calorie load. Happily in my experience these effects do not last very long, undoubtedly because bodies (and brains) are very adept at finding and maintaining new balance once a new regime has become the 'norm'.

The last few days I have been very on the move and aware of tiredness, but I am so happy to be going in the right direction again. I am still looking around and trying to absorb as many ideas and as much information as I can about marathon training to make sure I tackle the next 15weeks as sensibly as possible and injury free as possible. Know a good source of knowledge? Let me know if you have a moment, ta.

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